Glenn Williams

President & CEO

Hi I’m Glenn. I’m here to ensure Troo runs in a sustainable way so that we’re here to pay your claims in the coming decades and centuries. Although I am English, I love all types of Asian food.


Zhen Chen

Chief Financial & Risk Officer

Hi there, I’m Zhen. When it comes to the numbers game, I’m the go-to person here at Troo. My innate curiosity and ability to stay focused help me make sure we run sustainably. Diving and kitesurfing are a few things I do to clear my headspace.


Lois Dalida

Chief Human Resources Officer

Lois here! As a Six Sigma professional, I'm seriously into working on internal systems and processes to improve the way we work. And hiring great people to work for you. I'm also seriously into shoes.


Jim DeLong

Chief Distribution Officer

Hi, I’m Jim, and I work every day to create new job opportunities for Filipinos while helping families grow their wealth and protect their loved ones. When not doing this, you can find me enjoying adventure sports like motorcycle riding, climbing mountains, or something subdued, like playing a round of golf with friends and family.


Weng Empalmado

Chief Operating Officer

Hi there, you can call me Weng. I manage and monitor our shareholders’ and clients’ money and make sure we deliver on our promise to them. A Harry Potter fan, I try to create my own magic at home – hiding veggies in the dishes I cook for my family.


Calvin Kohchet-Chua

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer

Hi, I'm Calvin and I work with every one at Troo to keep our decisions consistent with our values.

I love Japanese food and traveling. Wasabi makes my day!


Milot Valencia

Chief Bancassurance Officer

I'm Milot and I'm delighted to help you find options that can make your life better today and tomorrow. I believe in living our best life every second of every day.