Johannes A M Loozekoot

President & CEO

Call me Hans. I have a passion for helping Filipinos live their best life. And taking care of the people who help me do that.

I also love rock music, traveling, Italian and Indian food.


Michael Wood

Chief Actuary & Chief Risk Officer

Hi I've worked many decades in many places and I can give you quick, clear answers to any insurance question. But ask me about the benefits of Linux and I might never stop talking!


Jennie Zheng

Chief Financial Officer

Hi, I’m Jennie. Keeping Troo financially strong and developing strategic initiatives for Troo’s future profitable growth is what I do. When I’m not at work, you’ll find me either enjoying the tranquil of life or playing sports with friends.


Hans van Wuijckhuijse

Chief Operating and Chief Technology Officer

Hello! Hans W here. Yes, I’m the other Hans here at Troo. And I make sure everything’s lined up perfectly to make our customers happy, but also to be on the same timeline as fast-changing technology. To slow down, I like to sit down with a good book.


Lois Dalida

Chief Human Resources Officer

Lois here! As a Six Sigma professional, I'm seriously into working on internal systems and processes to improve the way we work. And hiring great people to work for you. I'm also seriously into shoes.


Milot Valencia

Chief Bancassurance Officer

I'm Milot and I'm delighted to help you find options that can make your life better today and tomorrow. I believe in living our best life every second of every day.


Calvin Chua

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer

Hi, I'm Calvin and I work with every one at Troo to keep our decisions consistent with our values.

I love Japanese food and traveling. Wasabi makes my day!


Rowena J. Empalmado

Chief Investment Officer

Hi there, you can call me Weng. I manage and monitor our shareholders’ and clients’ money and make sure we deliver on our promise to them. A Harry Potter fan, I try to create my own magic at home – hiding veggies in the dishes I cook for my family.


Dominik Smeets

Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer

Hi, I’m Dominik. Being a big sports fan, it’s rooted in my DNA to make sure Troo has the right game plan to support the lives of all our customers in the period ahead. When not developing new business opportunities I love to run outdoors and keep my energy levels high.


Carlo Licuanan

Chief Marketing Officer

Hi! I’m Carlo. I’m here to bring to life our Digital Marketing aspirations. I’m a big Podcast addict as I find this the best way to continuously help me improve both personally & professionally… and more importantly, a way to distract myself from Metro Manila traffic. See you around!