Third Party System

Supplier Accreditation

We select our suppliers based on performance and merit in accordance with a fair and transparent process. Troo does not allow hidden deals or unspoken agreements.

Our accreditation process is comprehensive, covering assessment of technical and financial capability, business continuity, safety, health, and environmental policies. We evaluate proposals based on best-value and consider the supplier's ethical, safety and environment friendly practices and policies. We see our suppliers as business partners and put a lot of value in our relationship with them.

Creditor's Rights

Troo upholds creditor's rights by honoring contractual obligations and providing information required under the relevant laws and other regulatory requirements. We have established appropriate policies that govern procurement, including accreditation, selection, bidding and approval processes. In the conduct of our business dealings, we make sure we honor all binding contractual obligations and conditions based on widely accepted industry practices, mutual understanding and cooperation with counterparties.