Doing Business the Right Way

At Troo, we believe in doing business the right way - honestly, ethically and with integrity. We make it a point that we are in full compliance with all laws and regulations. This means zero tolerance to fraud, bribery and corruption. We do not offer nor accept bribes, kickbacks or payoffs of any kind. We do not accept any level of dishonesty or fraudulent act in any of our business dealings, whether it is with an employee, a business partner or a third-party vendor.

Troo has a Whistleblowing Program to further strengthen our corporate values. Concerns of misconduct or wrongdoing can be raised to Management by anyone inside or outside the company. Troo Management will then investigate the issue. We treat reports of irregular activities with utmost confidentiality. And protect the identity of the informer, making sure they are safe from any form of retaliation.

(Refer to Troo's Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy, Anti-Fraud Policy and Whistleblowing Policy)