Our Family

Being labelled as 'insurance guys' may not sound as exciting as being called 'Superheroes', but our work at Troo makes us feel like we're crusaders with superpowers. Our team consists of experts from Insurance, Investments, Marketing and Advisory and many other industries. We pool our knowledge and resources to make your world a better and safer place, both for today and tomorrow. We hope we'll get the opportunity to help you. Come see us to say hello.



Upside-down, inside-out, and turned on its head - we pride ourselves on seeing the world differently than the rest while keeping our values intact. It's our company's edge. We aim to be as brave as the samurai, as wise as Merlin, as bold as secret agents, and as creative as Shakespeare. We fancy ourselves as a rebel in the world of insurance. And we need Game Changers to join us. If that's you, do get in touch. You'll feel right at home here with us.